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Our goal is to follow up on our initial discussions and to focus in more depth on a number of topics relating to regulation of lawyers in practice.

The conference will be open to any regulators, academics, individuals or organisations with an interest in the legal sector. However, due to space constraints priority will be given to those who have some responsibility for regulation of the legal sector or legal professionals. Online booking will open in April.

about7Legal regulators are increasingly affected by globalisation as both lawyers and their clients look for cross border solutions to problems. The shrinking world also presents opportunities for regulators to exchange ideas and best practice.

The International Conference of Legal Regulators offers an opportunity for those who are involved in lawyer or legal services regulation to come together on a regular basis. A growing number of legal regulators have now met in London in 2012, in San Francisco in 2013 and again in London in 2014.

The flurry of accident related cases

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A Legal Regulator’s network

Legal practice is becoming increasingly international as lawyers and law firms are crossing borders on an unprecedented scale. This is positive not just for individual clients and organisations who may have international legal needs, and for lawyers themselves, but it is also positive for the rule of law.

The regulation of legal services has traditionally been very domestic in nature, as justice systems rightly reflect local culture and history.

But a number of legal regulators from different jurisdictions believe that now is the time for greater co-operation and collaboration to respond to two separate challenges:

1) Despite our very different cultural environments, many of us are facing the same or similar issues and challenges – so rather than each of us separately trying to invent our own solutions, we believe that we can usefully share our thoughts and build on the work that our counterparts in other jurisdictions are doing, rather than reinventing the wheel on every occasion. This is particularly important in the era of tough budgetary constraints in which most of us find ourselves.

2) Finding ways of regulating multi jurisdictional practice in a way which protects the public interest and the interests of the consumers of legal services without stifling the development of international business.

On 27-28 September 2012, a group of auto accident legal regulators assembled in London in order to explore how they could cooperate and collaborate more closely in future given these challenges. This group agreed the following broad conclusions:

  • A mechanism should be set up to facilitate the exchange of information between legal regulators.
  • We should endeavour to meet again and to continue to expand the group to include others who face the same challenges.
  • We should develop collaboration in certain areas of greatest cross-border interest

Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

Legal Regulators, are well versed in this area and abreast of the codes and the regulations of the Tractor-trailers. So they begin to handle the case by first sending their investigators to the accident scene and collecting facts and evidence in order to protect their clients from any kind of financial responsibility.

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